Sheep Hunts

Yukon Stone Sheep Hunt

The Yukon Territory is home to one of the most prized big game trophies in the world – the “stone sheep”.  This stone sheep hunt begins upon your arrival in Whitehorse, where you will be greeted by the outfitter.  You then take a float plane trip to sheep camp 120 miles north through some of […]

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Hunt in Wyoming

The wilderness of northwestern Wyoming is rouged, incredibly beautiful and teaming with wildlife. This is home to one of the World’s largest populations of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. It is highly valued by sportsmen as one of the most sought after trophies in the World and the most difficult species to collect as part of […]

Montana Bighorn Sheep Hunt

Montana Bighorn Sheep Hunt The rugged and remote Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness region of southern Montana is the only area in the lower forty-eight states where you are able to purchase a coveted bighorn sheep license without first being selected through a random license drawing.  Many portions of this area are virtually inaccessible to anyone who […]


Alberta Canada Bighorn Sheep Hunt

Alberta Canada is truly a sportsmen’s paradise. The Rocky Mountain chain winds its way across the British Columbia border and continues south through the province. The area in and adjacent to Banff National Park has long been noted for thriving populations of rocky mountain bighorn sheep, a species highly coveted by many hunting enthusiasts. Although […]

Yukon Stone Sheep Hunt

The Yukon Territory is a unique wilderness landscape with striking natural phenomena. It is comprised of a land rich with wild rivers, crystal clear lakes, rolling tundra, vast forests and dramatic mountain vistas that are home to a diverse amount of wildlife species. The Yukon Territory is located between the Canadian Province of British Columbia […]