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Outdoor Holidays to Fight Video Game Addiction

The addiction to video games is one of the evils of the 21st century. Recently recognized as a disease by the World Health Organization, (in June 2018, to be precise) the addiction to video games becomes a disease in the same way as the addiction to cocaine or gambling.

Today, the problem of video games is increasingly affecting the next generation, who are exposed from an early age to a multitude of possibilities in terms of video games, whether on a console, on a computer, on a tablet or even on a smartphone. Sometimes a person plays so often that he or she abandons other essential activities or simply loves to skip meals and spend sleepless nights.

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Playing Video Games is Good

Any habit of playing video games is not pathological, and recent studies have even shown that children playing video games can acquire, through play, skills useful for scientific subjects, such as logic, speed of information processing, and visual and spatial skills. Video games can also improve knowledge of history and languages and convey a strong motivation and perseverance that can continue outside video games, in sports or at school, for example.

Less Good

But playing video games also has many drawbacks. The time spent in front of the game is immobile time, and a child needs to move and practice daily physical activity necessary for his psychomotor development. The brightness of the screen can also create sleep disturbances and irritate. Also, some games carry stereotypes, especially about women and nationalities, that your children might consider ” the reality “. Finally, it is essential to remember that anxiety, restlessness at school, frequent nightmares, and irritability can be signs of gambling addiction and should not be overlooked.

A Vacation is Broken Technology!

But whether your child’s play time is high or low, and whether it’s pathological or not, spending a free vacation without technology can only benefit your child.

On holiday, it’s time to let go and limit the use of new technologies. On vacation, you don’t have to have your smartphone in your pocket all the time, or use your computer or tablet, let alone play a video game.

It’s time for your children to meet new people and experience new activities. If your child is not bored, he will not think about video games.

You can organize a theatre, football or swimming course for him, depending on his interests, offer him a holiday camp where he will make his best memories of childhood, or take him with you, to a holiday village, where he can enjoy the children’s clubs and where you can enjoy him, without video games.

The important thing is that your child can enjoy real life and not wear his eyes out and get unnecessarily upset in front of virtual life, at least during his few days of vacation.

So video games are good and evil. But like many things, they are only useful in small doses!

And if you want to go away for a few days in holiday villages, feel free to check out our website. Happy Holidays to all!

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