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Best Outdoor Team Games

Outdoor Team Games are probably the best thing that any competitive or sports person can want. After all, regardless of what it is, it is exciting, fun, and you are reconnecting with the nature. Whether its Osceola turkey hunts and guided turkey hunts in Florida, volleyball, soccer or even paintball – it gets you excited, gives you adrenaline rushes and it is a time to remember. So, just like there are many specific sports like Osceola hunts, here at The Outdoor Pursuit, we master in the arts of outdoor team games and we can help you find the best activity through our guide for them.

Regardless of what your personal preferences are, you can surely count on The Outdoor Pursuit.

The Best Outdoor Games

When it comes to outdoor team games and individual outdoor activities, we have a lot of suggestions that we can offer you. Depending on how large the group is, you can be competitive and take part in races, volleyball matches, soccer and rugby matches. Also, consider a basketball match if you have an outdoor shooting range.

On the other hand, if you are at a picnic and want to keep things cool Frisbee is one option. Moreover, if there are younger kids involved in the activities, you need something child-friendly like kick the can or capture the flag which is great for family trips. In addition to these outdoor team games there are a lot of others that you can consider, depending on your personal preference and the needs of the group – scavenger hunt, water balloon dodge ball, handball, jump rope, tug of war and whatnot.

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If you are looking for individual outdoor activities instead of outdoor team games, you can consider hiking, mountain biking, gymnastics, yoga and walking.

The Top Strategy outdoor group games

If you like competitive outdoor games, you are probably one of the coolest people alive, as these games are both engaging, interactive and yet, they are challenging. You play them to win – what can be bad about that. Well, of course, you might not know which strategy outdoor game you want to play. We’ve researched and found some of the most exciting strategy outdoor team games suggestions for you:


Paintball is the game where you are both competitive and have to make up a good strategy to win a game. It is a game where there are two teams, separated and starting from different points in the actual arena. It is very realistic, so you’ll surely get dirty and don’t wear your nice clothes too. It is one of the best outdoor team games since it builds team spirit, lets you show who you really are, and you are basically there to survive. The guns have paintball markers that you shoot towards other people – thus they cannot participate in the game and are considered “dead”.

You should know that you need to wear protective gear too.

Airsoft shooting

Another of the outdoor team games that requires a lot of strategy, especially since airsoft guns are more painful than regular paintball guns. These can hurt badly, so you have to be vigorous in making a good strategy on winning the game and being the last man standing – or the man capturing the flag if you are playing it with flags in home bases. All in all, it is a very exciting game.

Laser Tag

Just like the one before, but much less painful, laser tag can also be played outside, in specially designed arenas for it. These are hard to find, but if you can access one, please do and save yourself from the pain of nerf guns.

VR Game

Outdoor Video Games Played in Real Time

Some of the best augmented reality games are in this category, since they are bordering real life and fantasy, which is basically why they became so popular in the first place. We all remember seeing images of people running around trying to find their Pokemon while they were playing the Pokemon Go game. The situation wasn’t very different with Geohashing either!

We are still waiting to try the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, it is supposed to be one of the best augmented reality games of 2019!

Best Online Games

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Augmented Reality Gaming (AR Gaming)

AR gaming is very popular nowadays, which is why some of the best augmented reality games are still waiting to be launched. Considering their new features, these can easily outgrow the traditional outdoor team games.

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