Montana Bighorn Sheep Hunt

Montana Bighorn Sheep Hunt

The rugged and remote Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness region of southern Montana is the only area in the lower forty-eight states where you are able to purchase a coveted bighorn sheep license without first being selected through a random license drawing.  Many portions of this area are virtually inaccessible to anyone who is not in peak physical condition.

We have been very successful in harvesting trophy bighorns in unit 500 when our hunters are properly prepared for the demands of this thrilling wilderness experience.

We have a waiting list determined by the date of deposit.  If you are attempting to complete your “grand slam” or would simply like to hunt one of North America’s most coveted trophies now is the time to get started.  Call us today for reservations.

10-day Montana Bighorn Sheep hunt

Montana Mountain Goat Hunt

The Absoraka-Beartooth Wilderness of southern Montana holds one of the most viable mountain goat populations in the lower forty-eight states.  This area is rugged and remote, which equates to outstanding mountain goat habitat.   Goat licenses for hunt area 323 and 329 are issued by competitive random drawing and, if successful, we would be thrilled to assist you with the harvest of a large snow-white trophy Billy goat.

1×1 hunts are conducted in late September, October and even in November when the big billies have a perfect hair coat.  This hunt has produced 100% success over the years with several record book goats harvested.