Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Hunt in Wyoming

The wilderness of northwestern Wyoming is rouged, incredibly beautiful and teaming with wildlife. This is home to one of the World’s largest populations of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. It is highly valued by sportsmen as one of the most sought after trophies in the World and the most difficult species to collect as part of the coveted Grand Slam of North American wild sheep.

Wyoming bighorn sheep licenses are issued by competitive drawing and extremely difficult to obtain. Many aspiring sheep hunters have waited their entire lifetime for the privilege to pursue this monarch of the high peaks and are still waiting. If you are one of the fortunate sportsmen to draw a Wyoming bighorn sheep license it will probably be the only chance that you will ever get to hunt this prized trophy in Wyoming and you should do everything possible to insure yourself a successful and rewarding experience.

Regardless whether you are a resident or nonresident and are one of the lucky applicants in the Wyoming bighorn sheep drawing, give us a call and we can arrange the hunt of a lifetime for you with a reputable outfitter with many years of experience hunting Wyoming bighorns. All hunts are 10-days guided 1×1 from remote wilderness camps in the heart of bighorn country.

10-day 1×1 Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Hunt
includes guide service, meals and lodging
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