Strategy Outdoor Group Games

The strategy obliges children to organize themselves. During these games, some will be able to discover the skills to implement their ideas and share them with others; others will be able to congratulate themselves on having fulfilled a particular mission that has advanced the group. All can play an essential role in the success of all.

  1. Jack Fortin


  • organize as a team to set up attack and defense
  • progress in the environment by hiding
  • develop a strategy together

In practice

  • Number of players: 2 or more groups of 8-outdoor
  • External Activity
  • Equipment needed: ribbon to delimit the forts, team armbands, a strip of cloth per player + a stock in the Fortin, a whistle per referee unfolding.

Step 1 – Put the children in a balanced team. Each player puts a band of cloth stuck, but not tied, to the back of their pants. This is his ” life.” Each player puts on an armband of the color of his team. Then, each side will set out to delimit its stronghold within the perimeter of the playground. The Fortin will be bounded by ribbons and will have a dimension of 3m of diameter. A player is named General (Name adapted to the imagination) for the duration of the game; one cannot change it until the end of the game or the round.

Step 2 – When the referee launches the game, all the players leave the Fortin. The general’s mission is to break into the enemy stronghold and seize it. For this, he must enter the perimeter of the Fortin and take his general card out of his pocket. The other players are there to defend their stronghold from intrusions, discover the enemy stronghold, and help the public not to be captured in his progress. When two opposing players meet, they can catch each other’s lives. For this, they enter into a duel, face to face. The first to take the other’s life is the winner. He must bring back the experience he made in his Fort. The loser has to go back to his fort to get a new one. Life catches feed the life stock. Therefore, experiences are not associated with teams.

Step 3 – The game, or round, stop when the general enters the opposing fort with life and shows his general card. A leader, left in the Fort, whistles the end. Or else, the game stops when a team has no life.

  1. Stratego


  • Team confer
  • Develop a strategy together
  • Adapt the procedure with new information in practice

In practice

  • number of players: 2 or more groups of 13 – outdoor
  • External activity
  • Equipment needed: a card game, team armbands


Step 1 – The goal of the game is to be the first team to capture the flag of the opposing team. Put the kids in a balanced team. Each player puts on an armband of the color of his team. Each player is given an ace card (the most reliable card), then King, Lady, 3 and 2 (the weakest). To catch an opposing player, touch him. At this point, both players unveil their cards. To pick an opposing player, you need a higher card. When a player is caught, he is taken prisoner for 2 minutes in the central prison. A leader remains in this prison to control the release of the prisoners.

Some cards have peculiarities:

✔ – The 3 is the flag, it takes two opposing cards to capture it, so it will have to hide

✔ – The 5 is the bomb, it can catch any card, except the ace, but it takes time to “make” it again. If she chooses to explode, she’ll be in jail for five minutes. When a player is taken to prison by the bomb that exploded in his face to capture him, he stays one more minute in prison.

✔ – The 2 is The Deminer; he gets caught by everyone except by the bomb he can find.

✔ – The 4 is the spy; he can bring the weapon, catch the ace.

Children are not allowed to exchange cards except for The Deminer and the flag who can transfer their cards with each other.

How to make sense of the activity how to debrief the game? The game will be evaluated by talking about the strategies the teams have put in place. What should I insist on? It will then be emphasized that “a good strategy could beat strong” children.

  1. Paintball

Paintball is a thrilling sport for all. It allows groups of people to play in a natural or artificial environment without necessarily requiring solid structures. Simple to set up, it will offer excellent entertainment to your customers.

So everyone finds their place on the field, whether you are athletic or not, the immersion is immediate and total. Adrenaline guaranteed. Non-staining, environmentally friendly logs. Excellent profitability for a small investment.

  1. Airsoft

Airsoft is a team shooting sport with a competitive spirit. It is based on the achievement of objectives through strategies to deduce players from the opposing team or to meet a required time limit. It is practiced mainly in two types of scenarios in open fields to play long distances or at short intervals in buildings, abandoned ships or enclosures to play C. Q. B. or Close combat, who are specially prepared to practice this kind of sport. Thus avoid practicing it in an open space where it is easily accessible by different sites for animals or people outside the game, who can injure themselves unintentionally.

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