Alberta Canada Bighorn Sheep Hunt

Alberta Canada is truly a sportsmen’s paradise. The Rocky Mountain chain winds its way across the British Columbia border and continues south through the province. The area in and adjacent to Banff National Park has long been noted for thriving populations of rocky mountain bighorn sheep, a species highly coveted by many hunting enthusiasts.

Although bighorn tags are issued in very limited supply, they can be obtained in Alberta through authorized big game outfitters. Tags are often spoken for several years in advance of the actual hunt. This hunt is conducted in the Rocky Mountain Forest Reserve (Unit 422 & 426) by one of the most respected bighorn outfitters in Canada. His success rate on trophy rams speaks for itself, with many heavy-horned rams harvested with curls measuring from 34 to 40 inches and very heavy bases.

Sheep hunting is a very expensive proposition. Consequently, you need to maximize your chances for success, and this Alberta bighorn sheep hunt offers the opportunity to start, add to, or complete your sheep hunting dreams.

All 12-day hunts are fully guided 1×1 and are all-inclusive with airport pickup in Calgary, Alberta. If you are looking for the bighorn hunt of a lifetime, give us a call.