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The Best Outdoor Game Ideas

Original games When you have a lot of kids to deal with, like a birthday or a family party, it’s sometimes hard to find a game that everyone likes. Fortunately, CitizenKid has selected for you original games for all ages : the little ones are ready to enjoy themselves and have fun outdoors ! Easy […]

Strategy Outdoor Group Games

The strategy obliges children to organize themselves. During these games, some will be able to discover the skills to implement their ideas and share them with others; others will be able to congratulate themselves on having fulfilled a particular mission that has advanced the group. All can play an essential role in the success of […]

The Top Outdoor Video Games

Outdoor Holidays to Fight Video Game Addiction The addiction to video games is one of the evils of the 21st century. Recently recognized as a disease by the World Health Organization, (in June 2018, to be precise) the addiction to video games becomes a disease in the same way as the addiction to cocaine or […]