The Best Outdoor Game Ideas

Original games

When you have a lot of kids to deal with, like a birthday or a family party, it’s sometimes hard to find a game that everyone likes.

Fortunately, CitizenKid has selected for you original games for all ages : the little ones are ready to enjoy themselves and have fun outdoors !

Easy to organize

Explaining rules that never end to children who only want one thing, playing outside, is not an easy task!

We have therefore chosen simple games that require little or no equipment and that can be played in a small garden as in a large field.

  1. Game One

You don’t need anything, except a play area with hiding places!

For whom ?

This game is suitable for children from the age of 6 (the youngest may have more difficulty understanding the rules and remain silent) and for groups of 5 children minimum. But the more sardines we are, the more we laugh !

The rules of the game

For this variant of hide-and-seek, there is only one child who will hide. The others count up to 30, for example, before they go looking for him.

Every time a player spots the little hide-and-seek, he has to join him in his hide-and-seek until all the kids are glued together like sardines.

A treasure hunt that allows children to learn colors while having fun ? Learn the rules quickly !

  1. Game Two

A box of coloured pencils was provided for distribution to the children. Try to keep the most common colors so that the small bits do not have too much trouble to find corresponding objects.

If you think that around you there will be no purple object for example, you can bring your own things and hide them to make a real treasure hunt !

For whom ?

The recommended age is 3-4 years but children can play as soon as they know their colors ! It is a game that can be played with two (in this case, we assign several pencils to the small ones) up to 10 if we have a nice palette of colors !

The rules of the game

Each child recovers a colored pencil and must quickly find an object of the corresponding color.

Collect the objects, score the points (the first one arrived scores the most points), redistribute the pencils and watch your toddlers have fun for this Color Hunt !

  1. Game Three

It is best to provide scarves, pieces of fabric or T-shirts of three different colours to identify the members of the different teams.

The land must be demarcated to create three camps far enough away for chickens, foxes and Vipers !

For whom ?

This game is suitable for children from the age of 9, and it is more pleasant to play with a large group : a dozen children, it is the ideal !

It is better to play a number that is easily divided by three since there are three teams.

The rules of the game

You have to divide the players into three teams, the hens, the Foxes and the Vipers, giving them a color and a camp.

The children who are in their camp are protected from others. If they leave their den, the Foxes can be attacked by the Vipers, the Vipers by the hens and the hens by the Foxes.

Players have to go hunting to get prisoners and protect themselves so they don’t get caught !

Once captured, the children find themselves in the camp of their hunters and form a human chain to be released by the members of their teams.

The team that kept the most members wins the game!

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