Wolfs Hunts and Coyote Hunts

Wolves are often thought of as the bad boys of the North, yet this elusive member of the canine family provides an essential role in wildlife management, providing their numbers are also managed.

A mature male wolf is not an easy trophy to harvest.  Many trophy hunters who have visited the North Country repeatedly in search of a wolf have come home empty-handed.  A large male wolf with a beautiful winter hair coat makes an outstanding addition to anyone’s trophy room.

Ranging from the Arctic Circle to South America, the elusive coyote thrives in the most remote wilderness settings or around the back yard of movie stars in Beverly Hills. The wily coyote is a survivor, an icon of the West, and one of the most overlooked game animals in the country. These little “yodel dogs” supply many hours of hunting excitement during the winter after the close of most regular hunting seasons. Totally fair game in most states and in ever increasing numbers, don’t over look the coyote in your next hunting plans.

North Alberta Wolf Hunt

Located on the fringe of the agricultural zone 3 hours Northwest of Edmonton lays the vast bush region of Northern Alberta.  This area has abundant populations of Canadian gray wolves in several color phases.  This is a family-run outfitting business with all hunts fully-guided 1 x 1 from heated blinds located over bait sites. Under […]