North Alberta Wolf Hunt

Located on the fringe of the agricultural zone 3 hours Northwest of Edmonton lays the vast bush region of Northern Alberta.  This area has abundant populations of Canadian gray wolves in several color phases.  This is a family-run outfitting business with all hunts fully-guided 1 x 1 from heated blinds located over bait sites.

Under normal hunt conditions you may see several wolves at the bait sight at one time ranging from very light gray to jet black. We have video of 5 black wolves on the bait at one time.  Upon occasion, only one dominant male may occupy the sight for several days until a pack returns to feed.

These hunts are conducted from early December through the end of March insuring the best opportunity for prime hides.  Only 2 hunters will be taken per 5-day period.   This outfitter and his son have taken several good wolves this winter, the largest weighing in at 137 pounds.  They are now offering this great hunt to you.  A large adult wolf is an outstanding trophy and would be a great addition to your collection.

Note: Individuals and packs may leave the bait site for several days.  Normally, packs rotate from one bait site to another, thus allowing opportunity during a 5-day hunt.