Moose Hunts and Moose Hunting Trips

Moose, the largest members of the deer family, offer some of the finest trophy hunting opportunity in North America.  As a rule, the farther north you travel the larger the sub-species become, with adult males in the Yukon and Alaska sporting antlers that often span over 60 inches and occasionally over 70 inches.

In contrast, the Shiras moose, which inhabit the rocky mountain range from southern Canada to northern Utah and Colorado, are the smallest of the sub-species.  A mature bull with antler spreads over 50 inches is considered a real trophy.  Give us a call to discuss your moose hunting options.

Alberta Canada Moose Hunt

Northern Alberta offers some exciting moose hunting opportunity.  This area is located on the Canadian shield, which makes up some of the best moose habitat anywhere.  Your outfitter for this hunt has been in business for many years.  He operates his own air charter service, therefore they can get you where the moose hunting is […]


Alaska Yukon Moose Hunt

The Yukon is located in northwestern Canada and nestles between the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and the Arctic Ocean, with Alaska to the west and the Northwest Territory to the east. The Yukon is a wilderness landscape spanning 187,000 square miles with intense natural design, dramatic mountain vistas, wild rivers, crystal clear lakes and […]

Moose Hunting

Alaska-Yukon Moose Hunt 10-day 1×1 guided moose hunt with our expert outfitter in his exclusive Yukon wilderness concession. Click here for details on our hunt in the Yukon. Newfoundland Moose Hunt 5-day guided hunt with meals, lodging, airport pickup, taxes, export permit and trophy care. Click here for more information on our moose hunting.

Newfoundland Moose Hunt

The island of Newfoundland is located just a little over nine miles off the east coast of North America. It is the World’s sixteenth-largest island and Canada’s fourth-largest island, spanning nearly forty-two thousand square miles. Newfoundland has a mixture of boreal and deciduous forests with thousands of lakes and streams that bond together to make […]

Manitoba Hunts and Manitoba Fishing Trips

Located midway across Canada, Manitoba offers the sportsman unlimited opportunity for those in pursuit of whitetail deer, black bear, moose, caribou, waterfowl and some of the best freshwater fishing to be found anywhere. This pristine land abounds with fish and wildlife and you may go for days on a trip without ever seeing or hearing […]

Canadian Hunts and Canada Fishing Trips

If you are looking for the sportsman’s paradise, Canada is it.  This pristine land is teeming with fish and wildlife species, including moose, bear, caribou, musk ox, elk, sheep and deer.  If you are after big game, upland birds, waterfowl or the fishing trip of a lifetime, this is where you can find it.   […]