Alberta Canada Moose Hunt

Northern Alberta offers some exciting moose hunting opportunity.  This area is located on the Canadian shield, which makes up some of the best moose habitat anywhere.  Your outfitter for this hunt has been in business for many years.  He operates his own air charter service, therefore they can get you where the moose hunting is best and set up camp where the largest concentration of animals are located.  These are all fly-in camps, which accommodate 2-4 hunters, equipped with cabins or tents.

Hunt in their exclusive 5,000 square mile hunt area, the largest exclusive hunt area in Alberta. Mature bulls in this area normally attain antler spreads from 45 to 55 inches. Bulls harvested in past year have averaged 50 inches.  These guided moose hunts are conducted from boat.  During the rut in early October, bulls are located by calling in the traditional manner.  Many moose are also located feeding on the lakeshores or marshy areas which connect various bodies of water.

When preparing for your hunt, don’t forget to pack the fishing rod – as most lakes are filled with northern pike, walleyes and lake trout.  This moose hunt can also easily be combined with fall black bear for $1,000 trophy fee plus license cost.