Canada Dude Ranch – British Columbia Summer Vacation

Get the family rounded up and get out of town this summer for a week of laid back fun and relaxation in the beautiful Chilcotin Mountains of British Columbia. This concession spans 3,000 square miles and has been in operation since 1880, making it undoubtedly the oldest dude ranch operation in all of Canada.

The ranch is situated in an area known as a “rain shadow” which means during your Chilcotin vacation you will most likely experience very pleasant temperatures, little chance for rain to disturb planned activities and plenty of sunshine with an almost insect-free environment.

Chilcotin is an indian name meaning “People of the Blue Water” and this area lives up to its label. With hundreds of crystal clear mountain lakes and streams surrounded by unspoiled wilderness, you will be treated to some of the most spectacular mountain scenery, fauna and flora to be found anywhere in earth.

Your hosts for this unique British Columbia vacation will show you how the spirit of the Canadian Wild West lives on. Every family ranch trip incorporates a mix of cultural and historic atmosphere that will give every member of your family a taste of an authentic western wilderness lifestyle. This once-in-a-lifetime Canadian dude ranch vacation allows for great flexibility. You and your family can choose something for everyone. You can choose between a leisurely daily schedule or an action-packed mountain excursion with ranch or camp-based accommodations from chalet or mountain cabins.

This is truly a 5-star British Columbia summer vacation with stunning terrain, mild climate, plant diversity, countless wildlife and more breathtaking scenery than the eye can behold. The key words in any vacation are relaxation and enjoyment. This British Columbia wilderness hideaway has everything that the vacationing family can imagine. Come get away to the peace and tranquility of the Canadian Rockies this summer.

Canada Summer Pack Trip
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