New Mexico Buffalo Hunt

Hunt the majestic American bison using methods that are over a century old.  This is a fair chase hunt which enables you to relive the 1880’s traditions unequaled in excitement and adventure.   The large ranch is located near Santa Fe, New Mexico and boasts a free ranging buffalo herd numbering in the hundreds.

Buffalo are the largest North American game animal.  They are unpredictable, elusive, make great trophies and wonderful table fare.  All hunts are conducted from horseback or, for those who choose not to ride, a horse drawn buckboard or stagecoach. Lodging is also in the tradition of the era with comfortable log cabins or lodges that offer all the warmth and comforts of home. Modern firearms, muzzle loaders, handguns and archery gear are welcome.  This hunt is guided 1 x 1 and will be videotaped at the hunter’s request.

Hunts are offered from November through March.  Call to schedule a date.

Package Includes:
Transportation to and from the Santa Fe regional airport
Full meals and accommodations
1 x 1 guided hunt
The entire buffalo; hide, head, and meat prepared for transport
Arrangements for taxidermy and meat processing
Field dressing, caping and preparation for shipment