Coastal Black Bear Hunt

British Columbia’s Vancouver Island produces some of the largest black bear to be found anywhere in the World. Thousands of coastal estuaries on the island provide ideal habitat and forage conditions which enable the Vancouver Island black bear to attain hide and skull measurements of massive proportions. The majority of the mature males taken will measure in excess of 7 feet in length.

Your Vancouver Island black bear hunt begins when you arrive in the city of Victoria where you are greeted by your host. With thirty-five years of experience guiding hunters on the island, he will show you more large black bear then you ever imagined possible on a single hunting trip. This is a six-day trophy bear hunt that takes you to the western side of the island and a comfortable tent camp located in the heart of black bear country.

Black bear hunts are conducted from small boats while glassing the shoreline of the tidal estuaries and cut areas, where the big boars come in search of food immediately after emerging from winter hibernation. During the early part of the season only the large males are present on the beaches and cut areas, where it is not uncommon to observe several trophy bears during a day’s hunt.

This is not a physically demanding hunt and great for all sportsman. This is strictly a spot and stalk hunt up close so be prepared for a close encounter, as many shots on this hunt are taken under 100 yards. Your Vancouver Island black bear hunt is 6-full days with dates beginning in April and running through mid-June. To insure quality hunting in the future, this concession offers very limited availability each year.