Alberta Mule Deer Hunt

Central Alberta is a region of vast fertile rich farmland dissected with hundreds of miles of thick riparian zones bordered by rough brakes. This equates to ideal whitetail and mule deer habitat. As November approaches and the Alberta days grow shorter, deer move from their summer habitat to the river bottoms and adjacent farming areas to rut and spend the winter. November is the time for a deer hunter to be in Alberta for a spot and stalk hunt of a lifetime.

The bucks in this region have the genetics, habitat and food sources to attain large body mass and antler growth. This area of Alberta consistently produces outstanding buck mule deer in the 160 to 190-point class and whitetail deer in the 140 to 170-point class, with bucks often scoring much higher. You may choose to pursue both species on the same hunt.

These Alberta mule deer and whitetail deer hunts start with an outfitter reception at the Calgary International airport followed by a scenic drive to his new comfortable lodge located in the heart of the hunting area. This is an all-inclusive full 6-day deer hunt guided 1×1 by highly experienced guides who live in the area year around and know where to locate the good bucks. Hunts are conducted from stands, ground blinds and spotting from farm roads in the early morning and evening.