Recommended Fishing Trips

Who said baseball is America’s pastime?

The gent who invented that saying obviously never spent a leisurely summer afternoon in a flat-bottom boat filling a nice big stringer with blue gills and crappies.  Nor did that same fellow take time to venture north in search of those lunker pike and lake trout that inhabit the countless lakes in the Canadian Shield region of North America.

We contend that fishing offers more kids young and old alike countless more hours of enjoyment every summer for far less money than any trip to the baseball park.  What’s that old saying “mom, baseball and apple pie?” 

It should have been “mom, fishing and apple pie.”

5-Day Alberta Canada Fishing Trip.  Click here for details on this Alberta fishing trip.

1 to 7-Day Colorado Fishing Trips on the Little Snake River.  Click here for more information on this Colorado fishing trip.

3 to 7-Day Costa Rica Fishing Packages Available with Meals, Lodging and Boats.  Click here for details on this Costa Rica fishing trip.

3 and 5-Day Colorado Fly Fishing Taught By Certified Orvis Instructors. Click here for more information on our fly fishing school.