Kodiak Island Alaska Sea Duck Hunt

If you are an avid waterfowl hunter then you must consider a sea duck hunt along the rocky shores of Kodiak Island Alaska. From October through January, Kodiak Island has constant movement of waterfowl migrating from the arctic as they travel towards wintering grounds to the south where as many as ten species of sea ducks find the waters around Kodiak Island the perfect place to stop for rest and feed.

Harlequin, Barrow’s Goldeneye, several species of Scoter’s and Old Squaw furnish fast action and outstanding shooting excitement as they approach your decoy spread while coming from the big open water of the bay. After a great day of sea duck shooting you will return to the lodge where you can rest by the fireplace or in the spa, have a cocktail if you choose and get ready for a home-cooked meal prepared by the lodge’s private chef.

The majestic brown bear made hunting on Kodiak Island famous and rightfully so, but for the waterfowl enthusiast, the island can’t be over looked. This is a comfortable, affordable hunt that provides a breathtaking setting that the average waterfowl hunter simply cannot fathom.

5-day Kodiak Island Guided Sea Duck hunt
2 hunters,
3 or more hunters,

7-day Sitka Blacktail Deer and Sea Duck hunt
October 5th – November 30th