Canada Firearm Declaration

Bringing your firearm into Canada is a very easy process if you have completed the proper paperwork. Here are our suggested steps to obtain a gun permit to Canada:

Print and complete three copies of the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration (CAFC 909) form below.

-Complete the form but do not sign the forms until you are in the presence of a Canadian Customs officer as he must witness your signature.

-If you are bringing more than three firearms into Canada, you will also need to complete the Continuation (CAFC 910) form as well.

-There is a fee of approximately $25CDN that you submit to the Canadian Customs officer, regardless of the number of firearms you bring.

-Once approved, the CAFC 909 form will serve as your license and temporary registration certificate for 60 days.

-If you have any questions, call or email us

Non-Resident Firearm Declaration