Yukon Mountain Caribou Hunt

The Yukon Territory is a large wilderness with few human inhabitants. Totaling approximately 187,000 square miles, this pristine sportsman’s paradise is loaded with game species too numerous to mention. The Yukon Territory is nestled in northwestern Canada between British Columbia and the Arctic Ocean with towering snow capped peaks, wild rivers, tundra and vast forested areas.

Many of the higher regions of the Yukon are home to the majestic mountain caribou, with current estimated populations of nearly 30,000 animals. When the rut is underway, you can often observe herds of mountain caribou numbering over 50 animals grazing through the high alpine valleys with several mature trophy bulls sporting huge sets of antlers that often score between 375 and 390 Boone and Crockett points.

This 10-day trophy mountain caribou hunt starts in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, with reception by your outfitter. After a scenic Super Cub flight over the breath taking beauty of the interior you will reach base camp. Camp is a very comfortable cabin that will be your base during the hunt.

Because mountain caribou inhabit country above timberline with elevations that can reach 6,500 feet, you will normally spike out sometime during your stay in the high country. The majority of travel during your hunt will be by horseback, although you should be in rather good physical condition as some hiking is required to get into position for the final shot at your trophy bull.

Your outfitter and host for this hunt has years of experience in the Yukon and will make sure that your stay is pleasant, successful and one that will not soon be forgotten. Call or email us today for details.

Yukon Mountain Caribou Hunt
August through October Dates (no harvest fee)

Moose, Grizzly and Black Bear Available For Harvest Fee