Thorofare Bugle Elk Hunt in Wyoming

The Thorofare region of Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton Wilderness is known as the most remote area in the lower forty-eight states.  This is elk hunting country at it’s best, wild and pristine.  The elk hunt area is located only a short distance from the southeast boundary of Yellowstone National Park and has long been famous for producing some of the largest bull elk in the world.

Base camp is reached via a twenty-mile horseback trip that takes you through some of the most spectral game country on earth.  Hunting season in this high paradise begins in early-September with 8-day hunts (6 hunting days) during the peak of the rut when the big herd bulls are bugling and the mountainsides are rich with vibrant fall colors.

If you are looking for the elk hunting trip of a lifetime under the blue skies of the Yellowstone where the trophy bulls are abundant, then this is the place to look.  Sportsmen considering this trip should be reminded that physical conditioning is necessary to insure full enjoyment and success in this high altitude and mountainous terrain.

8-day 2×1 Wyoming elk hunt (6 days hunting)
8-day 1×1 Wyoming elk hunt (6 days hunting)
September 9-16, September 18-25, September 27-October 4,
October 6-13 and October 15-22
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8-day 2×1 Wyoming mule deer/elk hunt combo
8-day 1×1 Wyoming mule deer/elk hunt combo
October 6-13