Wyoming Western Big Horn Wilderness Deer Hunt

The rough rocky terrain on the Western slope of Wyoming’s Bighorn mountains provide excellent mule deer habitat, which produces outstanding antler growth and equates to trophy bucks.

This is a high-country horseback hunt when weather permits and 4×4 access to the hunt area when the weather becomes too extreme for long periods of exposure to the elements.  This is a physically demanding hunt and is ideal for the sportsman who likes to get out and tackle the rough terrain of the majestic Bighorn mountains.

Due to the very rough terrain, this area receives very limited hunting pressure and the big old mountain bucks stay in the high country until they are driven to wintering areas by deep snow.  Only a limited number of spots are available for the 2005 season during late October.   Wyoming deer license applicants for this region are normally 100% successful in the drawing.

This is a 5-day hunt, fully guided 2×1, which includes meals, lodging and trophy care.