Wyoming Buffalo Hunt

The majestic American Bison, symbol of the old west, now thrives on many private ranches across the high plains region.  This hunt takes place near Cheyenne, Wyoming, on a large ranch which specializes only in the production of quality registered bison.

Herds on the ranch number in the hundreds.  Consequently, you may choose the animal that best suites your budget and trophy expectations.  All buffalo hunts are guided by ranch personnel in large pastures with plenty of animals to choose from.

  November through February is the best time to take a large bull if you are looking for a great trophy, as the capes and hides are in excellent condition at this time of the year.  For those hunters who are more interested in meat for the table, anytime is acceptable.

These buffalo hunts are enjoyable and very affordable.  No license is required and accommodations are available at the ranch.

Wyoming Buffalo Hunt

4-10-year old cow hunt
(900-1000 lbs ~ 500 lb carcass)

2-year old heifer
(800-850 lbs ~ 475 lb carcass)

2-year old grain fed bull
(1050-1100 lbs ~ 625 lb carcass)

4-9-year old mature bull
(1600-1900 lbs ~ 1000 lb carcass)

Please note the following: All weights above are approximate.  The ranch and hunter will agree by mutual consent on the animal to be harvested.  The hunter will be responsible for field dressing of animal.  This can be done at the ranch.  The ranch will provide a loader and will assist in loading the buffalo.  The ranch will provide field dressing, skinning, and delivery to local processor.  All hunting supplies needed will be provided by the hunter.  The entire animal will belong to the hunter.  Hunter must take the carcass.  The head, hide, and drop can be left at the ranch.  Hunter is responsible for processing fees and for scheduling animal with a processor.  The Outdoor Pursuit can assist with processing scheduling.