Wyoming Pronghorn Hunting

Western lore is filled with happenings of the Wild West and Wyoming claims it’s share with places like the famous Powder River and the Hole In The Wall where Butch Cassidy hide from the law. The Powder River region of Wyoming is still a very exciting place to visit, especially if you show up in the fall in search of a trophy buck antelope. This is pronghorn antelope hunting at it’s best with very liberal hunting seasons and the expectation of never being out of sight of antelope the entire time you are in the field.

This hunt starts in Kaycee, Wyoming, hometown of the late World Famous country and western singer Chris Ledoux, where you will be greeted by your host for this outstanding pronghorn hunt. Your guide will treat you to the peace and tranquility of this beautiful area of Wyoming where you will hunt thousands of acres of private ranches in search of that one special buck antelope.

This is a 2-day pronghorn hunt guided 2×1 by use of 4×4 ranch vehicles in the very heart of some of the best pronghorn antelope country on earth. Due to the tremendous pronghorn populations on these ranches, guests are able to be very selective, which makes for a non-stop fun-filled Wyoming hunting trip. This antelope hunt does not include lodging, morning or evening meals. Noon lunch is provided in the field.

This rifle hunt is offered in October, or if you are an avid archery enthusiast, you have the option of starting as early as August 15th through September 30th, which will take in the entire rut and a great chance to take a Pope & Young buck. If you are looking for an exciting and quality Wyoming pronghorn antelope with bow or rifle this Powder River private ranch hunt is the one to experience.

2-Day Antelope Hunt