Quebec Canada Caribou Hunt

he remote wind swept tundra of northern Quebec is home to one of the largest free ranging wildlife herds on the North American continent. It is here that the Leaf and George River herds combine during the autumn migration to offer sportsmen caribou hunting far beyond imagination.

Approximately one million caribou make up the two herds and among the masses are the trophy bulls that every hunter dreams of. This is an all-inclusive hunt from the moment you reach Montreal, Quebec. From there, a two-hour jet flight will take you to the remote village of Kuujjuaq, then by float plane to your comfortable remote caribou hunting camp. The fall migration is constantly monitored to insure optimum success for all guests.

With thirty-two camps located throughout the 15,000 square mile area, hunters are assured of being placed where the action is never ending and there are plenty of trophy bulls. All caribou hunts are guided 3×1 by a team of experienced guides with an average of 15 years of experience. Fair chase and ethical practices are the theme in this camp.

Hundreds of sportsmen have experienced the thrill of hunting the migration and the massive bull caribou of the Leaf and George River herds and you can be the next. Success rates from these camps have averaged 99% over the last 7 years. Give us a call and we will arrange the caribou hunt of a lifetime for you and your hunting party.