Northwest Territories Canada Musk Ox Hunt

The vast remote Arctic region of the Northwest Territory just south of the Beaufort Sea is home to one of the most fascinating game animals on earth, the Majestic Musk Ox.   Often referred to as the “Arctic Buffalo,” Musk Ox are regal animals with long flowing coats and heavy, curled horns.  These animals normally live in small herds of ten or more animals consisting of cow, calves and bulls.  On occasion, groups of mature bulls are found living a solitary life on the arctic tundra they are virtually unhunted and produce excellent trophy quality animals.

All musk ox hunts are guided 1 x 1 by local Inuvit, who have spent their entire life studying the land and its wildlife.  This is an 6-day trip, including 2-days of travel.  Musk ox hunting is by snow machine and foot.  Spring musk ox hunts are available with April being the best time to take a prime trophy bull.  Many references are available.

Includes: 1 x 1 guide service, meals, accommodations and trophy care

Additional expenses: Air Charter from Inuvik, NWT to lodge, licenses, tags, trophy royalties and 7% GST.

Hunt reached from Inuvik, NWT via Edmonton, Alberta Canada.