New Zealand Red Stag Hunt Trophy Red Stag

New Zealand’s diverse natural landscape leaves people from all over the world amazed at its ability to provide for those seeking outdoor activities. From the moment you set foot on New Zealand soil, there will be no doubt in your mind that you truly are in one of the World’s premier hunting destinations.

We invite you to explore this pristine Southwest Pacific paradise with New Zealand’s premier hunting company. Since 1989, this outfitter has been among the leaders in the harvest of World record Red Stags and other New Zealand game species.

The exclusive guest lodge on the North Island is nestled among the headwaters of the Rangitikei River and surrounded by the rugged landscape of the central north island’s hill country. Located 30 minutes by air from Palmerston North, this concession offers great hunting opportunity for trophy red stag, wapiti, sika, ruisa, sambar and fallow deer.

After a memorable hunt up north, you will be flown by private plane to their free-ranging concession spanning over 155 miles of New Zealand’s Southern Alps where you can experience the excitement of a Chamois and Tahr hunt.

In addition to packages for red deer, chamois and tahr, fallow, sika, rusa, sambar, goat, ram and boar you may choose a small game option, including possum, rabbit, hare and wallaby. Wing shooters are also welcome as New Zealand offers suburb hunting opportunity for paradise duck, mallards, black swans, Canadian geese, peacock, Merriam turkey and pheasant. When you tire of hunting you can take advantage of some of the finest trophy trout anywhere on the Rangitikei River or Lake Taupo.

This is the place where a sportsman’s dreams come true and memories are made for a lifetime and this is a concession where records are broken. So give us a call and we will arrange for some good old “Kiwi” fun way down south in the wondrous country of New Zealand.