Hunt Idaho Black Bear

One of our central Idaho outfitters has come up with a very exciting twist to the popular spring bear hunt. 

This is a 3-day 2×2 weekend black bear hunt.  Most guys don’t want to burn alot of vacation time in the spring.  If you would like a good and affordable bear hunt with limited time off of work, this might be the bear hunt for you.

Pick your weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) from early-May to mid-June, grab a friend and head to Mackay, Idaho.  This hunt is $4,000 for two hunters with 2 guides.

You will hunt a variety of color-faced bears from black to cinnamon, chocolate to blonde, stalking with hounds in the morning and hunting by baits at night.  If you want to be a little selective in picking your trophy, you can take your time and add additional days to your hunt guided hunter per day.