Australian Buffalo Hunt and Banteng Hunting

During the dry cool months of June, July and August conditions on the Coburg Peninsula, in the Northern Territory of Australia are ideal for hunting a trophy Banteng bull one of the most unique game animals in the “Land Down Under”.

The Guring National Park is home to the only wild, free and huntable Banteng populations in the world. One of the true wild bovine from Asia the Banteng bulls are seclusive, dangerous and utilizes this remote environment to their every advantage. The area inhabited by the Gurig banteng can only be describes as super-remote, many times the hunter and guide are the only humans in a wilderness area spanning over one thousand square miles. Access to this concession is by light aircraft with hunting activities conducted from specially modified four-wheel-vehicles. Banteng bulls are not active during the middle of the hot steamy days with the majority of hunting activity during the early morning and evenings when the land is cool.

The Gurig camp is very comfortable with tent accommodations and all amenities including toilet facilities with shower, generators and meals including wine and beer.

Banteng hunts are normally combined with Asiatic Buffalo.  Wild boar and sambar deer can also be taken during this hunt.