Alaskan Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt

The Cold Bay region of the Alaskan Peninsula has long been regarded as one of the best brown bear hunting areas in the World. The Peninsula provides these huge bears with ideal habitat necessary to obtain their massive size and reputation.

Fall brings salmon to the Alaskan peninsula in unfathomable numbers and the streams are lined with brown bear feasting on the fall bounty as they prepare for hibernation. This Alaskan brown bear hunt is conducted from cabin and wall tent camps located in the hunt area and guided on a 1×1 basis by the master guide and his highly experienced staff.

The peninsula hunts can be physically demanding, consequently sportsman should be in good condition when contemplating this hunt.  Cold Bay is reached via Anchorage then a charter flight from Cold Bay to hunting camp. The number of brown bear hunts are limited annually and hunter success is high on boars in the nine to ten and one half-foot class with skull measurements in excess of 26 inches.

If you are looking for the Alaska brown bear hunting trip of a lifetime then this one is for you, give us a call for additional details and pricing.