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Northern Manitoba is a region of wilderness dotted with thousands of lakes, endless miles of forest and home to one of the largest herds of central barren ground caribou, numbering over 500,000 animals. The Qamanirjuaq herd spends its summer in the remote regions of Nunavut, where they raise their calves and store up energy for the fall migration. As the September days grow shorter, a constant stream of caribou filter out of their summer home on their way to winter feeding grounds to the south. Imagine the sight as thousands of caribou pass before your eyes with massive antlers shinning in the sun. Large bull caribou taken from this area often qualify for firearms and archery record books with average scores of 330 points. To insure the hearth of this herd, the Game Ministry of Manitoba issues only 500 resident and non-resident caribou licenses per season.

Our 5-day 2 caribou hunts are guided 2x1 and take place during the months of August and September from comfortable cabin camps located in the middle of the caribou migration routes.

This caribou hunt begins in Thompson, Manitoba, where you will board a plane for your trip far to the north. Your next stop will be at the summer fishing lodge where you will transfer to the floatplane and on to caribou camp. All hunts are conducted from a comfortable camp equipped to accommodate 6 hunters with full facilities and a separate cook tent where you will relax and enjoy your time away from the hunt. Bring your fishing pole and help yourself to some of the huge lake trout right in front of your cabin. Transportation during the hunt is mainly by boat and foot. Stands along migration trails provide excellent opportunity for archery hunters.

5-day Manitoba 1 or 2 Caribou Hunt ~ $7,595 US

Aug. 31 - Sept. 5, 2017 (6 spots)
Sept. 5-10, 2017 (4 spots open)
Sept. 10-15, 2017 (6 spots open)
Sept. 15-20, 2017 (3 spots open)

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For more information or to reserve a Manitoba Caribou hunt, contact us via e-mail or call us 1-800-487-0045.

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