Alaska Black Bear Hunt

The remote wilderness of the Canadian Shield region in northeastern Alberta is home to one of the largest concentrations of black bear in the Canadian Provinces. Outside hunting pressure is almost non-existent as this portion of Alberta is very remote and can only be reached by float plane. The Shield is covered in part by vast boreal forests, rock outcroppings and thousands of glacial lakes, all of which comprise a rich highly nutritional environment for black bear.

This Alberta black bear hunt begins with reception at the Fort Smith Northwest Territory airport then a pleasant float plane trip to the lodge and the exclusive hunting concession spanning over five-thousand square miles. Due to its size, the entire hunting concession simply cannot be hunted during the black bear season. Consequently, new areas are baited each spring giving outstanding opportunity for hunting guests and allowing for the harvest of even more trophy bears.

All of our Alberta bear hunts are conducted over well-established bait sites that have been tended far in advance of your arrival with a special formula developed to attract and keep bears coming back for more. All bait sites are equipped with elevated stands ideal for archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunters and bait sites are reached by boat and ATV’s. Spot and stalk hunting is also utilized along the shoreline of lakes as bears feed in the late afternoon and evening.

The majority of the bears in this area are jet black although there is some color phase ranging from chocolate brown to blond and even few showing up with a glacier blue hide. Spring weights for bears taken during this hunt average between 250 and 350 pounds with average skill measurements from 18 to 20 inches.

Accommodations for this Canadian bear hunt consist of modern lodge, outpost cabins and spike camps.