Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt

If you would like the opportunity to hunt a mountain goat, look no further then the remote mountain peaks of beautiful Kodiak Island. The mention of Kodiak Island normally enters most sportsmen’s minds as one of the best places on earth to hunt the fabled huge brown bear, sitka blacktail deer, take a fabulous summer fishing trip or just some outstanding sightseeing. But the Emerald Isle has another, less obvious opportunity – some of the best mountain goat hunting to be found anywhere.

The mountain goat population on Kodiak Island originated from just 11 females and 7 males, which were transplanted from the Kenai Peninsula in 1952 and 1953. From the original transplant the Kodiak goat population has continued to flourish and in 1968 the Alaskan Department of Game and Fish authorized the first hunting season.

Mountain goat hunting in most areas on Kodiak Island is not physically demanding and, coupled with populations unequaled anywhere on the mainland, the success rates on trophy billies is outstanding.

7-day Alaska mountain goat hunts are conducted during October from one of three high-country spike camps with a master guide who boasts 100% hunter success on trophy billies. Mountain goat hunt licenses for Kodiak Island are issued by competitive drawing so contact us for application information, hunt dates and additional hunt details. We can assist you with licensing and travel arrangements.

This is truly a unique Alaska goat hunt that offers the breathtaking splendor of Kodiak Island with a generous diversity of wildlife and a trophy hunting experience that will rank among the best of your outdoor pursuits.