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If you are a big game hunter and avid archery enthusiast there can be no greater thrill then traveling to Africa in search of the vast variety of game species available to the sport hunter. We know of no one better to place out clients with than a professional hunter and his entire staff who pioneered bow hunting in Africa over thirty years ago and have personally hunted with archery equipment worldwide.

Being a passionate bow hunter, he has set aside more then 6,000 acres exclusively for his bow hunting guests and there are absolutely no rifle hunters allowed in this part of the concession. The acreage has multiple  “Condo” and “Ant Heap” blinds, constructed at strategic watering sources with maximum shot distances at 25 yards, multiple tree stands and ground blinds also placed over heavily traveled routes.

A typical day in the blind will produce non-stop activity as varied species of game come within easy shot distance. As the animals visit the water hole, your guide will discuss the quality of the game while offering advice on size and shot placement.

This archery plains game hunt takes place in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Your host for this hunt will greet you at the Johannesburg airport. Your guide for each day's hunt will evaluate the animals that you prefer to harvest and decide exactly what blind to use to maximize your shot opportunity.

Daily lunch and refreshments are served in the hunting blind. After a great day in the field you will return to the comfort of the lodge to freshen up, retreat to the camp fire with your favorite refreshments and exchange stories of the day's events while you wait for a full meal prepared by the camp chef.

Because plains game species are so plentiful and varied, we suggest a tailor-made safari where you can choose the species that you prefer to harvest. This is a premier africa archery safari with the folks who know archery hunting in Africa...why commit to anything less?

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For more information or to plan an African archery safari, contact us via e-mail or call us 1-800-487-0045.

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